Good Power for a Battery Powered Pencil Sharpener

iPoint Ball sharpenerGood Power for a Battery Powered Pencil Sharpener

This is my first “electric” pencil sharpener so I cannot compare it to any others. The iPoint Ball sharpener has a nice weight to it, is sturdily built with an easy to open dispensary for removing shavings. The sharpening is excellent as it exposes the lead of the pencil or colored pencil to a long, fine point, which is needed for artists who shade with side of the lead or makes the point last longer before having to sharpen again. After all my many so-so pencil sharpeners, it is nice to finally get one that fits the bill. I like it.

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Compact and Portable Hot Towel Warmer For Bathroom

Beauty Pro Hot Towel SteamerCompact and Portable Hot Towel Warmer

My wife and I had gone to a spa and the massage therapist used hot towels. The hot towels felt great and helped us relax. It was such a great experience that we started getting therapists to come to our home so we wanted a small hot towel warmer. We finally bought one the Beauty Pro Hot Towel Steamer. I am glad that I did. It works just as described.

This has to be one of the best portable towel steamers! Towels are hot and ready in 30 minutes. I highly recommend this to anyone who gets a massage in your home or if you know reiki and want to add this to your program.

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My new Toy a Lightweight Air Impact Wrench

Strong, lightweight, and quiet Air Impact Wrench

I have had a chance to use the NitroCat 1200-K everyday and hasn’t failed me yet. If you are sick of those 750 ft lbs of torque air impact guns that just can’t remove a lug nut, then you have to get the hammer and breaker bar out just to loosen that lug nut…. Not with this bad boy impact gun. Never had a lug nut it wouldn’t remove.

The gun is quiet, I mean extremely quiet. Secondly the hammering action you expect from an impact gun you will not feel with this gun. The twin clutch is very smooth. You will put the gun on a bolt and it just unscrews. You will go looking for bolts and nuts to remove. And I have found it uses way less air than most for the price.

NitroCat 1200-K

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Started Hiking do needed a New Backpack

My New Hiking Backpack

TETON Sports Explorer 4000

The TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack is awesome! This is the first internal frame pack I’ve purchased, and it’s sweet. Reading quite a few reviews I decided on this one due to some reviews saying it worked for tall people. Short people can use this too!, the shoulder straps are adjustable – I never thought a backpack could do that, but the whole shoulder strap contraption actually shifts up and down, giving a great fit for anyone 6’3″ (like myself, and 210lbs) to shorter.

If you are going to be a “weekend warrior”, like me and many others, this bag will NOT let you down. It is a great bag. The extra space will come in handy for multi-day trips. You should note that this is not a ultralight backpack. It may be fine for an adult but a bit to heavy for younger kids or women. If you are looking to finally get out on the trail for a few days you won’t go wrong with this pack.

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A Fast Tyre Inflator

Michelin 12262 inflatorThe Best Tyre Inflator

I was reluctant to get the Michelin 12262 inflator, but I am glad I finally did. I have been using this inflator for over one year. I haven’t tried other inflators but I don’t have to because this is just perfect for what I need it for.

It does the job and it fits in perfectly in my car trunk. It has back light display, the readings are accurate, it is fast. The only negative will be that, its a bit noisy but it is something you can live with. Another perfect tool for a DIY enthusiast.

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A Rotary Tool that Works well and the price is right

Black and Decker RTX-BThe Best Rotary Tool for Regular Use

This is my third Rotary tool. I used the first one for almost 5 years without a hitch. The tool did not break, I miss used it. I could not wait to get my new one. I have a home handyman service and, make furniture as a hobby. I use my Black and Decker RTX-B almost daily.

The design appears robust. The on switch at the top is really easy to use compared to the other brands we have that have the switch at the back. I noticed the 2amp motor doesn’t bog down like the Dremels we also have. I have purchased more accessories for it than all my other tools combined.

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Perfect Shipping Scale for Home Use

Weighmax 2822-75LB bPerfect Shipping Scale for Home Use

This scale is exactly what I needed. Its perfect for a small home business to ship with very accurate weights. The Weighmax 2822-75LB postal scale produces the exact weight for my shipping.

I no longer have surprises at the post office that I need to add additional postage. The scale beeps when ready. If you have a large box on it you have time to remove it and look at the weight.

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